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5 Things That Are Easy To Forget During a Move

Moving Tips

Moving can be chaotic, as you are trying to get your entire life packed up, relocated, and unpacked again in a new place with minimal disruption. You may feel like you're on top of everything, but have you checked these five frequently forgotten things? It's easy to get so lost in the details of the move that you forget these basics. Take the advice of our real estate agents and make sure your plans don't overlook these items.

  1. Toilet Paper
    You may think you have everything ready for your first night at the new house, but do you have toilet paper? It's not something you usually have to pack in your overnight bags, so often, it gets overlooked. Unfortunately, many sellers don't think about leaving any behind when they're leaving their Bradenton homes for sale, so you may move in only to find that you don't have any. Putting a few rolls in your overnight bag will ensure you won't find yourself without.

  2. Meal Plans
    Your first night in a new house and possibly a new town might make it harder than usual to get dinner on the table... assuming the table has arrived yet! Have a plan in place for meals and other necessities (such as coffee) the first few days after your move, when you're still unpacking and settling in. This might mean having the basics packed in a box for the kitchen that says "open me first," such as ramen and pots to make it in, or creating a list of nearby pizza delivery places and takeout restaurants.

  3. Overnight Bags for Everyone
    There's a lot that can go wrong in a move, so it's important that everyone has a box or an overnight bag full of essentials that you keep with you, enough to get you through at least a couple of days if needed. This includes changes of clothes, pajamas, important medications, toiletries, and something to do, such as a book or games for the kids. If you're moving long-distance, this is especially important, as the truck could get delayed, and you may spend a few days "roughing it" in your new home.

  4. Your Mail
    Mail is frequently forgotten and left behind when people leave Sarasota homes for sale. Remembering your mail means not only checking the mailbox one last time but also setting up mail forwarding through the post office in advance to make sure you don't have to worry about your mail going to your old address after you've left it. As soon as you can, start calling or checking in with your accounts online so you can change the address there yourself, as it'll eliminate any delay in your mail getting to you as it goes through the mail-forwarding system.

  5. Background Items
    In any house, there are a number of background items that tend to blend into your surroundings or feel like they're a part of the house even though they aren't. This might include shelves, or mirrors mounted on the backs of the doors. These items are yours and should go with you when you leave the house. The same goes for outdoor items, such as planters and even patio furniture, which can be overlooked in a move. Window treatments usually stay with the house unless you negotiated different terms in your contract.

When it comes time to move, ensuring you have capable help from experienced professionals will ensure everything goes smoothly. For support throughout the selling or buying process, contact us today, and we'll help you get your search started.


How to Prepare for a Stress-Free Move

Stress Free Move

Moving can be stressful, but does it have to be? It's never too early to think about how you'll make moving easier, even as you're just starting to look at Sarasota homes for sale. By following these guidelines from our real estate agents, you can stay organized and hopefully avoid any big surprises on your moving day.

  1. Get the Move Scheduled in Advance
    With the number of Bradenton homes for sale and how the market is currently booming, movers and trucks get booked up more quickly than you might think. If you're using movers, schedule with them about a month in advance, possibly longer if you have more notice of your impending move. If you're renting a truck, schedule that too, so that you don't find yourself with a lot to move and no way to move it.

  2. Set up a Labeling System
    Make it easy for movers to get your boxes into the right rooms by color-coding boxes. This will help ensure boxes end up in the room they are supposed to be in. For even more convenience, make sure you label each box's contents on each side of the box.

  3. Start Packing Non-Essentials a Month Prior
    Don't make the age-old mistake of overestimating how much time you still have before your move! Start packing up non-essentials as early as possible. You'll be surprised by how much of your household doesn't get used on a daily basis. Starting early allows you to ensure the nonessentials are well organized and labeled, especially helpful after the move since these are the things that'll probably be unpacked last.

  4. Donate to the Thrift Store
    While you're packing, keep a few boxes labeled for the thrift store. It's easy enough to put things you don't want in the thrift store boxes and drop off a big load of donations when the house is nearly packed. No sense in paying to move things you don't want to keep!

  5. Take Pictures for Reference
    As you're packing, take pictures of anything you want to remember when you're unpacking. Even if you think you'll remember how Grandma's china was displayed or how the stereo is wired up, it may be a long time before those things are unpacked, and you'll have a lot of other stuff on your mind in the meantime. Pictures will make it faster and easier.

  6. Pack Overnight Bags for the New Place
    To prevent having to scramble to find essentials your first night in the new house, pack an overnight bag for each person. Make sure everyone has changes toiletries, a phone cord, a book to read, and anything else you might need if you were staying in a strange place for a couple of nights.

  7. Have a Backup Plan
    No matter how prepared you are, last-minute changes can still happen. Make sure you have several options just in case things go awry. For instance, have a list of local moving companies you can call if your movers fall through or friends with trucks and large vehicles who would help you in a pinch.

Moving is a big event, but it's also an exciting one! By being fully prepared for your move, you can turn your attention to the thrill of moving into your dream home. Contact us today to start the process of finding the perfect home for your family.


Wagner Realty Makes Dream of Homeownership Come True for Veterans and Their Families


The Nichols Family

Brad Nichols was on his fourth tour of active duty in Afghanistan when he was wounded. On his return to the States, Brad and his wife Heather talked about a lifelong dream: to own their own home. They wanted an oasis for their four children, ages 11 to 17. At the time, they were renting in Lakewood Ranch and owning their own home seemed to be a reach – then they met Tammy Pogar of Wagner Realty. "Meeting Tammy was life changing for us," notes Heather, adding "Tammy had the real estate knowledge and expertise we were looking for and we immediately "clicked".

Wagner Realty's is a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, which developed the U.S. Military on the Move® (MOM) program.  The MOM Program offers cash rewards, closing cost credits and other real estate related services for active duty, retired (20 years of service) military or wounded warriors, when they buy or sell a home.  "The Military On The Move Program is very special to me, since both my son and my little brother are in the military" notes Tammy adding "being a military mom and sister makes me especially appreciative of our veterans and the sacrifices they make serving our country."

"Wagner Realty has more than 30 agents who have completed the MOM Program's comprehensive training, designed to help them better serve the specific needs of those who serve our country," notes Carla Ross, Wagner Realty's Relocation Director. "Our agents understand the process and hurdles military members face during transition and know how to help smooth the process."

"Brad and Heather never thought they'd be able to own their own home," said Tammy, "but with a wonderful combination of our U.S. Military on the Move® program, supportive sellers and a wonderful selling agent, we were able to make the Nichols family's dream of home ownership come true. The MOM program gave them cash back at closing to help them afford essentials, and the sellers paid their first year's HOA fees. The other agent and I helped with closing costs." The Nichols family is now happily settled into their Palmetto home.

If you or someone you know is interested in the U.S. Military on the Move Program, please contact Carla Ross, Wagner Realty Relocation Director. Carla can be reached by calling 941.727.2800 or by email at



Moving to a New Home: Some Tips to Help You Purge Before You Pack

Moving to a New Home Purge Before You Pack

Our real estate agents at Wagner Realty stand by you every step of the way during your home buying journey. That includes move-in day!

Buying a home is an exciting time, but there's one part that gives people pause: Hauling their "stuff" to their brand new home.

With the popularity of things like the "KonMari Method" helping people to declutter their lives, more people are taking a close look at the things they own. Moving is an excellent opportunity for you to get rid of things you no longer need. That's much easier than finding new places to put them!

It's often a relief to start over in a new home. But how can you do it the right way?

Here's how to purge before you pack – and cut out stress for your moving day.

  • Start With Your Closet
    A closet is one place where it's easy to gather things you might never use again. Still, you don't want to get rid of items you really have an attachment to. As you go through the closet, ask yourself these questions about each piece of clothing:
    • Have you worn it at all in the last 12 months?
    • Is it in style or may come back soon?
    • Does it fit the way you want it to?
    • Does it have any stains or serious damage?
  • Donate or Sell Miscellaneous Items
    Furniture, kitchen items, and miscellaneous decorative objects tend to accumulate in unused corners of our lives. Before determining what to do with larger belongings, you should check the floor plan of your new home. Consider downloading a free app, like RoomSketcher, to determine the layout of your new home.

    If you aren't sure about which items of furniture you want to keep, a self-storage unit is a good temporary solution that offers both security and climate control for sensitive items. However, it's important not to use a storage unit as an excuse for not purging - if it becomes an intimidating chore, you may end up paying for many months of unnecessary storage.

    If you need to dispose of things, check with local charities to find out what they will and won't accept. Sell large, pricey furniture items through consignment shops. While smaller goods can be sold online, a neighborhood yard sale is often the most convenient choice.
  • Remove Appliances and Electronics
    Outdated and broken electronics generally aren't accepted for donation, so you'll need to get rid of them. Five years is the usual cutoff point for small and mid-sized items, while large items are no longer accepted at ten years. Remember that items with batteries and certain components may be hazardous. You may need to have these hauled away or leave them out on a special pickup day.
  • Get Rid of Hazardous Items
    Electronics aren't the only household goods that can pose a safety risk. Paint, propane, firearms, kerosene, fire extinguishers, fireworks, and pool chemicals need to be disposed of with care. Many counties have a specific hazardous waste drop-off site that you can use throughout the year to ensure these items will be kept safe. Don't be tempted to leave them in your garage.
  • Empty the Fridge and Pantry
    Last but not least, it's vital to get rid of any food you won't be eating or giving away before moving day. Non-perishable items that haven't been opened can usually be donated to any local food bank or canned food drive. Be sure to eat your frozen foods and open packages before you move so they don't go to waste.

By being proactive and following these tips, you'll be ready to make a smooth move once you get to closing day. If you haven't found your dream home yet, contact Wagner Realty for expert real estate advice.


6 Ways to Make Your Move with Your Pet Easier

Make Moving with Your Pet Pawsitive

6 Tips for Moving with Your Pet
Did you know that February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day? Our real estate agents know just how much people love their pets, and offer six simple ways to make your move low-stress for your furry friends (and you!). After all, pets are family so it's important to make sure to help them adjust and stay safe during a move.  

  1. Update Your Pet's ID.
    Make sure your pets are wearing proper collars and ID tags with your name, address and current cell phone number before you move.  Consider getting your cat or dog microchipped, as collars and tags can fall off and get lost. If your pet already has a chip, it's vital to update your contact information in the event that they do get lost.

  2. If You're Moving out of the Area, Get Vet Records and Medications.
    Contact your vet and obtain your pet's records and prescriptions for any medications they may need. Some animals are prone to motion sickness, so it's also a good time to ask your vet about any remedies or get medication. Ask your vet if they have any recommendations for a new doctor in your new neighborhood.

  3. Put Your Pet in a Comfortable, Quiet Place During the Move.
    Animals can become very stressed when familiar surroundings are disrupted. The day of the move, take your pet to a friend's house or a kennel while you pack up the truck. If you can't find someone to take your pet for the day, put them in a crate or secure room in your home with some food and water to ensure they stay safe and comfortable. Setting up a room or area for your pet in the new house before they arrive can also help make the transition much easier.  

  4. Prepare For the Trip Ahead of Time.
    Make a kit that includes dog or cat food, kitty litter, toys and grooming supplies so you have easy access to them during your trip. If you're moving close by, it's still a good idea to keep these things out so they're easy to find for the first few days in your new home. If you're driving long distances, check out pet-friendly hotels and make reservations ahead of time.

  5. Transport Your Pet in a Carrier.
    Put your pet in a crate or carrier with comfy blankets, toys, and a worn t-shirt. Your scent will help reassure them that you're staying close by and can make them feel less stressed.  Leash your pet before opening the doors of the car or the crate during any pit stops. They can easily get spooked by the new environment and run away. Same goes for when you arrive at your new home—carry the crate into the house or make sure your pet is securely leashed before letting them out.

  6. Move Small Animals with Care.
    Pets like birds, guinea pigs, and fish need extra TLC during a move. Keep all small animals secure in a cage with plenty of food and water until they're safe inside your new home. High-strung animals like guinea pigs may need more reassurance and comfort than others. Moving with fish is possible if you're not going too far. Consult with your local aquarium store to determine the safest way to move your fish. If you're making a cross-country trip it's best to find them a new home.  

If you're ready to move with your furry friends, we can help you find the home of your dreams. Contact Wagner Realty today to get started.


Longboat Key voted Top 10 Island in the USA

5 Reasons to Make Longboat Key Your Home

Longboat Key Florida Buy a House

Imagine waking up each morning with an important decision--Will you spend the day lounging on the shore searching for sand dollars or shopping in luxury boutiques?  When you move to Longboat Key, FL this can be your reality.

Longboat Key FL was named among the top 10 islands in the United States by Condé Nast Traveler. For those who live here, this comes as no surprise.  It is the perfect place for a tropical holiday or to live as a castaway year round. This quiet island community has something for everyone. We put our heads together at Wagner Realty and created this checklist of reasons why you should consider Longboat Key for your new home.

  1. Golf on the Water
    If you want to live near a golf course, or even on it, you can here, but what makes Longboat Key even better for golf enthusiasts is the fact that you can enjoy golf on the ocean. Longboat Key is home to the Islandside Golf Club and the Harbourside Golf Course, both of which offer golf within view of the water.

  2. Luxury Shopping and Dining at St. Armand's Circle
    Longboat Key is also known for its luxury shopping and dining options. Dine on fresh seafood at the Chart House, or enjoy international cuisine at Euphemia Haye Restaurant. Enjoy the pizza at Portfino or Fire & Stone, and get some down-home cooking at the Longbeach Cafe. For an upscale dining experience, head to Maison Blanche. When you're ready to shop, the retailers at St. Armand's Circle await.

  3. Unspoiled Beaches
    One of the things that sets Longboat Key FL apart from some of the other Florida Keys is its natural side. Longboat Key has been developed so that beach access is not very pronounced. This means that many of the beaches are hidden from view, making them less crowded and less developed. The Quick Point Nature Preserve on the southeast corner is an example of this. Those who purchase homes in Longboat Key can enjoy the feeling of living on a deserted island by finding one of these hidden gems.

  4. Excellent Amenities for Residents
    Even though the island is small, it has all of the amenities residents need for comfort. A dental office and cardiology center are located directly on the island, and hospitals in nearby Bradenton and Sarasota provide for residents' healthcare needs. A full-service police and fire-rescue department serves the city, and the Joan M. Durante Community Park, with its boardwalks and scenic views, is a popular place for recreation when residents aren't enjoying the miles of beaches.

  5. Laid-Back Island Living at its Finest
    Finally, many people consider relocating to Longboat Key because it perfectly captures the island living vibe. Many of the year-round residents are retirees who love the golf course, tennis club and resort-inspired lifestyle. The island has an elegant and refined personality seen in everything from its housing options to its shopping and dining experiences, yet continues to maintain the laid-back atmosphere that people want from life on an island.

If you're considering making the move to this quiet island, contact our team of local REALTORS® in Longboat Key. Our team knows the area well and will help you find the ideal home. Contact Wagner Realty today to get started on your home search.


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